Casavana Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey
Casavana strives to make your stay in Havana as satisfying as possible. Please take a moment to complete this guest satisfaction survey and let us know what you think of Casavana. Your comments are important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share them.
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1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your most recent stay at this hotel:
2. Overall, how friendly were the hotel staff members?
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3. Overall, how polite were the hotel staff members?
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Very polite
4. How quick was the check-in process?
5. How clean was your room upon arrival?
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Very clean
6. How well did the housekeeping staff clean your room?
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Very clean
7- Overall, how quickly did the hotel staff respond to your requests?
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8- How delicious was the hotel breakfast service?
9. How affordable was your stay at our hotel?
Not affordable
Very affordable
10. How affordable was the hotel breakfast service?
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Very affordable
11. How likely are you to stay at our hotel again?
12. How likely is it that you would recommend our hotel to a friend or colleague?
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13. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?
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