Kia ora Whanau. This is an evaluation of our success in distance learning. We really appreciate your honesty when answering each question. Thank you.
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How much time each day did you spend supporting your child's learning? *
Which platform did your child use for online learning? *
I clearly understood the school's expectations of my child regarding home learning? *
My child has managed the work set by the school? *
I was happy with the 'Distance Learning' programme provided for my child? *
Not happy
Very happy
Regarding 'Distance Learning', what worked well for you and your child? *
I felt confident to support my child's learning at home? *
Not confident
Very confident
I knew how to access 'Distance Learning' support from my child's teacher, if required? *
My child has been anxious or worried during the time school was closed because of lockdown. *
I have felt anxious about my child's return to school. *
I am concerned about the impact of the time away from school on my child's education? *
Not concerned
Very concerned
What can the school do better in terms of providing 'Distance Learning'? *
Would you be interested in attending a whanau evening to review and discuss ways we can improve the provision of 'Distance Learning' online during lockdown? *
He whakaaro ano? Any other whakaaro?
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