Alamanda K-9 College
In 2017, Alamanda College will be offering access to quality instrumental music lessons through a user pays system, delivered by some of Melbourne’s most experienced teachers and performers. Instrumental music lessons can form an important part of a child’s education and is very much a component of the ‘holistic approach’ to a child’s education.

Students from Year 3 – Year 9 will have the opportunity to participate in weekly individual lessons tailored to meet their unique learning goals. Students will be encouraged to practise regularly and will be given opportunities to participate in ensembles and perform for concerts and special events within the school community. 

Select students may also wish to prepare for local eisteddfods and competitions or even participate in examinations through the Australian Music Examination Board Examinations (AMEB), Trinity College Music Examinations or Australia & New Zealand Cultural Arts Music Examinations (ANZCA).

Create and inspire one another with the universal language of mankind, MUSIC
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