MAGB Transportation 2019/20
Notice: Students attending Monarch Academy Public Charter School are eligible for school bus service in accordance with published policies. To ensure that each child is accounted for, we ask that the parent and/or legal guardian complete a separate form for each student planning to attend in SY 2019-2020 and turn in to the Monarch Academy Front Office by mail, fax, or by emailing a completed copy of the form to You may also fill out the form below.

Responsibility: Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible to provide adult supervision to, from, and at the assigned pickup/drop off location, up to 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Families who have elected to use the provided bus service must use the service on a regular basis. Lack of regular use can cause the assigned stop location to be removed from the route for the remainder of the school year. Pickup/Drop-Off locations for school bus service, in addition to the current student eligibility policies are available at Monarch Academy Public Charter School and on the website:
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