Kabal of The Righteous Guild Application
General Information
What do you want to be called? *
What would you want most of the guild to know you by?
What are your preferred pronouns? *
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, other
What month and day is your birthday? (Optional)
We always get together to celebrate the guild's birthday, but we want to be able to remember to celebrate your birthday too! If you are comfortable with us adding your birthday (only month & day) to the public guild calendar, please fill it out below and we will add it to the public guild calendar on the website.
Where did you hear of us? *
Please give us the in game name of the person in guild who referred you if it was through that method. Otherwise please be specific as to where you heard of us.
Why do you wish to join Kabal? *
Are you in any other online communities or guilds? *
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