MCBDD (2021) Anonymous Survey #2
Dear participants of the MCBDD course,

It was a pleasure to meet you again today, where we talked about what are good drug candidates and where to find the.

I invite you to fill the survey so that we can make the MCBDD course interesting and helpful for you. Your suggestions and comments are important to shape the course. The survey is anonymous, though you are free to leave your contact information in the comment area so that I can follow up in case of questions.

Following your feedback last time, this survey can be filled again later, for instance to raise questions.

Have a nice weekend, and see you next week!

David, 05.03.2021
How was your overall impression of today's lecture? *
What questions do you have for today's lecture?
How well could you understand and follow David (the lecturer)? *
How did you experience the interactions between your peers and David, and among the peers? *
Do you think we had enough time for questions, discussions, and interactive learning? If not, do you have suggestions how to improve?
Any comments, suggestions, criticisms that you may have for David and/or for the course?
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