Questions on Travel to Nantes
Please read these three opening paragraphs and then answer just 2 Questions:
1. Which one of the 3 would you most like to continue reading?
2. Which one would you use on a visit to Nantes?

By 1853 a grand residential avenue had been laid out across what had been fields of fruit and vegetable production for the city of Nantes. The street still exists today as Avenue Camus, named after the property owner who had begun the construction. It was a street known to the poet, André Breton. He must have used it to walk from his work in the military hospital to his beloved park, the Procé Park. One building along the route is still marked with the date, 1899, and so would have still seemed new for Breton in 1919.

Tuesday 4th April 2017 11am: I am writing this as I live it. My experiences of the city will unfold as they happen. Nantes, city of petrol and meat. My first planned walk is from the street where the writer, André Breton worked at the end of the First World War. The street today is called Rue Marie Anne du Boccage. I wonder who she was, whether she was anything to do with writing, too. My aim is to walk from here to find the park which Breton famously said that he loved, Procé Park. Along the way, I will tell you about the buildings I see so that you can re-trace my route, and follow in the footsteps of André Breton.

The street lamps were already coming on as my train slowed for the station of Nantes. The river Loire ran west too, like black ink, flowing alongside my left shoulder for a moment then vanishing behind the houses. French street lamps here are the colour of sparkling Vouvray, pale against the evening sky they invite the early diners out from their hotels or me hurrying now from the station to make my contact. I still had her little, dark green book. This would be needed for the exchange at number 2, rue Marie Anne du Boccage. I rehearsed the code I had to say in French 'J'avais toujours son petit livre vert foncé.'

1. Which one of the 3 would you most like to continue reading? Please select only one:
2. Which one would you use on a visit to Nantes?
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