Konza Prairie Middle School Field Trip Post-Trip
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I like to go outside. *
When I go outside I see birds and other animals. *
I think Kansas is a great place to live. *
I think touching insects is gross. *
When I see trash on the ground I try to pick it up and throw it in the garbage. *
I’d rather be outside than inside. *
I think the grass and the hills around my town are pretty. *
I notice when plants in my neighborhood or yard are blooming. *
Bison are wild animals. *
The two main kinds of plants found in a prairie are trees and shrubs. *
Fire is always bad for a prairie. *
The best way to preserve a healthy, natural prairie is to leave it alone. *
Prairies are good at surviving a drought (long period of time without rain). *
The most important role for Konza Prairie is as a public park for people to visit and camp. *
Most of the original tallgrass prairie has been plowed into fields of corn and soybeans. *
The climate of the tallgrass prairie is changing all of the time and is hard to guess. *
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