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Before submitting a room booking request, please check room availability by accessing our online calendar and by email at

Cancellation fees: Bookings cancelled more than two weeks before the booking will be get a 50% refund. Bookings cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance - no refund is payable.
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18. For public events: Please provide full text for our online calendar - max 150 words, *****including title, contact details, costs, any links***. (We can include one photograph in the calendar, please attach it separately).
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Payment is required in advance to secure the booking. Make your payment to: Account Name: Green Elephant Co-operative. Account Number: 20304443 Sort Code: 608301
If you would like assistance with room setup or marketing, if your event involves food, if you require a stage, lighting or a bar, please complete the Additional Information form which can be found here:
Now: please send us your form by pressing 'submit' below. If you have any queries please contact
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