PyCon Taiwan 2024 - Call for Poster
Welcome to PyCon TW 's first poster session!
We bid you a very fond thanks for considering to be our first speaker. 
We invite you to submit your poster in the following form and create more possible with PyCon TW.

About Poster Session
Poster Session is a presentation format that allows speakers can present their topic through posters and interact directly with individual audiences. At PyCon Taiwan 2024, we are going to try the Poster Session activity for the first time, hoping to allow more people to introduce their results or issues of concern. In this time, we segment Poster Session into two parts, a professional topic and a community topic. All of the topics will be displayed as a poster, and then audiences can interact with you directly.
  • In professional topics: you can submit a poster on any Python-related topic, such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, etc.
  • In community topics:  you can share any soft topics, such as community connection, communication, mental health, or any of your experiences whether innovation, co-creation, success, or failure are all commendable. At the same time, we also welcome other community friends to come here to advertise your event.

  • PyCon Taiwan 2024 & Poster Session Schedule
  • Conference dates:9/21 - 9/22 at Kaohsiung NSTM South Complex   
  • Call For Poster Begins: May 1st, 2024
  • Call For Poster Ends: Jun 30th, 2024, 23:59:59(AoE
  • Announcement of Acceptance: Jul 13th, 2024

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    PyCon TW 首場 Poster Session 來啦!
    感謝您考慮與 PyCon TW 一起開啟首次 Poster Session 海報講的精彩對話。
    在此邀請您,填寫以下徵稿表單,投稿成為我們第一屆 Poster Session 講者,和我們一起開源更多可能性!

    Poster Session 介紹
    Poster Session 是一個讓投稿者可以透過海報展示其分享內容,並與個別與會者直接互動的一種展示形式。在 PyCon Taiwan 2024 我們初次嘗試 Poster Session 的活動,希望可以讓更多人介紹自己的成果或關注的議題,今年分為「專業講」與「社群講」兩軌進行,兩軌都將以海報形式展出,讓您和與會者能直接互動創造火花!
  • 專業講:您可以投稿任何跟 Python 有關的主題,如:人工智慧、機器學習、資料分析等多元專業領域。
  • 社群講:您可以分享任何軟性議題,如:社群經營、溝通、心理健康,或任何您的自身經驗,無論是創新、共創、成功或失敗,都值得讚揚。同時也歡迎其他社群夥伴來此宣傳您的社群活動。

  • PyCon Taiwan 2024 & Poster Session 重要時程
  • PyCon TW 大會日期:2024 年 09 月 21 日 - 09 月 22 日 @高雄國立科學工藝博物館南館
  • Poster 開放徵稿:2024 年 05 月 01 日
  • Poster 徵稿截止:2024 年 06 月 30 日 23:59:59(AoE
  • Poster 錄取通知:2024 年 07 月 13 日

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    【 Poster Directions 投稿說明 

    Code-of-Conduct  行為準則  
    Please Notice!PyCon Taiwan's audiences comes from diverse cultural backgrounds. Some jokes that some groups find funny may be offensive to others. If you want to include some humorous images or words in your poster, please double-check whether they might be offensive. If you are not sure, please refer to our Code of Conduct.
    請注意,PyCon Taiwan 的會眾來自不同文化背景,某些團體認為有趣的笑話對於其他團體來說可能是無禮的。如果您想在演講過程加入一些幽默的圖像或用詞,請再三檢視是否會有冒犯的可能,並請參考我們的 行為準則 

    Poster Size 海報尺寸 
    The poster stand size is 900mm x 1800mm. In this zone, you can post as many posters as you want.
    現場背板尺寸為 900mm x 1800mm,在此述尺寸內,允許多張海報
    Poster Sample 海報範例
    This reference was the PyCon JP 2023.
    此範例為 PyCon JP 2023 Poster Session.
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