Project Borealis - Programming (Editor Extensions)
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As an Editor Extension Developer, you will need to be able to modify Unreal Engine 4 C++ engine code for our team’s needs. This is especially important for our level designers, who require some changes like a grid rotation system.
Skill Requirements
● Proficiency in C++
● Experience with Unreal Engine 4
● Excellent knowledge of Git
● Basic knowledge of Bash
Project Requirements
● Giving and receiving feedback on code through branch reviews
● A passion for Half-Life’s game design and mechanics
● Commit and push work as often as possible on a separate branch
● Experiment with new ideas from curiosity and creativity
● Ability to plan out your own milestones and goals, with guidance from a lead
Additional Skills
● Knowledge of Half-Life mechanics
● Knowledge of Hammer and Source entities
● In-depth knowledge of Source Engine behavior
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