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To update your society listing on http://www.oxfordopenfreshers.online/, please fill in below the details that you want to change. Any details you don't enter here will not be updated.
Please confirm your society's contact email address and name. If you want to change either of these, please email us with details and the reason for the change. Your email address will not be published on the website or shared with any other organisation; it will be kept confidential.
To change your society logo, please send your new logo to us by email. Your logo should be a square .png or .jpg file not more than 1 MB in size.
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If you think your society belongs in a new category not listed above, please enter it here and we'll consider adding it. If the new category doesn't seem appropriate for the site, your society will be listed in the category "Other".
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A short description of your society's aims and objectives.
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions could include whether prior experience is needed, what type of events you run, cost of membership, how to find out more. Please structure your FAQs like this: Q: What is the cost of membership? <line break> A: £5 per year.
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See our YouTube channel for video instructions on how to create a society intro video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHcKzklrFIkAcCYiowT3yQ
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