Apply to host Duolingo Events in your City!
Duolingo Event Hosts are passionate Duolingo users just like you. As Duolingo Global Ambassadors, Event Hosts volunteer their time to create engaging events where learners of all levels experience the fun and social elements of language learning.

In order to Host a language group, you must be:

* Conversational. You don't have to be a native speaker, but you should be very comfortable conversing and coaching in your group's target language.
* Committed. You're willing (and excited) to organize regular language events in your city.
* Creative. From casual meetups to supper clubs, film screenings, and art walks, Hosts strive to create engaging and fun events.
* Passionate. You believe that language is inherently social and are passionate about connecting with others who feel the same.
* Legal. Yep, you need to be of legal drinking age (minimum 18+) in the country where you are hosting. Sorry minors!

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