Frontiers Co-Director-of-Design Application Fall 2016
Frontiers Magazine is WashU's undergraduate review of health. We strive to make aspects of health and medicine more understandable and engage the WashU campus in expanding perspectives of health and medicine. Check us out at:

Please email with any questions.

Co-Director-of-Design Position:
The duties of the Director of Design include:
1) Creating effective design solutions in a variety of mediums including: web, e-newsletters, publication and beyond
2) Project Management - help establish project timelines and estimates, keep track of project details to make sure we have all assets, that we are working within budget, etc. Make sure that all small tasks are getting done.
3) Assign tasks, make sure things are getting done properly. Proof work and provide art direction as needed.
4) Design production - may include making simple graphics based on existing templates, and executing concepts based on style guides
5) Find and assign illustrators to articles and cover art, and facilitate illustration process
6) Attending weekly meetings for the Editorial/Exec Boards
7) Attending monthly brainstorming sessions and events such as the Frontiers retreat
8) Attending events such as the Activities Fair, Frontiers retreat, informational sessions, etc.

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