Early bird Promotion: Pre-booking your office to get special deals
Bizcovery Coworking, Co-creative & Shared Workspace, the most amazing coworking space & private office, coming soon in early 2017 in Da Nang City, Vietnam.
The most valuable place for Digital Nomad to business travel abroad when visit Da Nang travel City, Vietnam. We are not only a business space but also we're a place for ideas, training, and social and creative transformation.
Some people dream of success… while others wake up & go to Bizcovery to work hard at it.
We want together with you, to connect, collaborate, create, explore and evolve as a community.

Early Bird Promotion:
Pre-book early and save more! Make your reservation before grand opening to enjoy extra discount 20% for any service package in max. 6 months and get 10% off if ask to get an more 6 months extension.
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