Dine Out Downtown Boise 2019: Restaurant Week Registration
2019 Dates: Friday October 25 - Sunday November 3

Early Registration Fee: $250 per restaurant
* If you own more than one restaurant, the 1st one will be $250, 2nd will be $150, and the 3rd will be $100 to register. These prices reflect printing and marketing costs.

Deadline for registration is September 2nd.

Things to keep in mind:
Offer more than one menu option to appeal to more people
Participate in more than one offer category - Ex: If you are open for both lunch and dinner, participate in both categories
This promotion does not fall on November's First Thursday because of the way the dates fall this year

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Head Chef's Name: *
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note: you do not have to be open 7 days a week to participate
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Restaurant Type or Category: *
Restaurant Offer (check all that apply): *
For best results, restaurants are encouraged to participate in more than one category, although this is not necessary. Make sure to tell us if you are offering an option of different courses (recommended).
We partner with Idaho Tourism to promote Idaho food products during Restaurant Week. Will you be using any local Idaho food products on your menu? *
Products do not have to be determined now, but will have to be indicated prior to receiving promotion.
We partner with the Idaho Wine Commission for this event. Do you plan to highlight Idaho Wines on your menu during Restaurant Week? *
You can feature Idaho wine by the glass, bottle, flights, pairings, or wine maker dinners.
Would your chef or another designated representative be interested in participating in media interviews during Dine Out Downtown Restaurant Week? *
If yes, please give us the name and phone number of the person who would represent you to the media.
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Applicant agrees to submit final menu(s) via email by September 20 for inclusion in print & on the website. *
The Downtown Boise Association agrees to provide the following items to each participating restaurant: *
Print advertising the promotion, e-blasts, and inclusion on the DBA Dine Out Downtown web page with a link to your restaurant • Event posters, bill stuffers, and printed menus with Dine Out Downtown logo • Public relations efforts on behalf of Dine Out Downtown promotion • Any other Dine Out Downtown marketing material or promotional efforts
Will you use bill stuffers as marketing materials? *
You only get these if you will use them.
In signing this contract as a Participating Restaurant of the Dine Out Downtown Restaurant Week I agree to: *
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