Aircraft Authorization Form
Flying aircraft on SCRP is a privilege, not a right. Flight permissions are for members that have been on the server long enough to gain trust from the staff, and have the right intentions to be awarded this privilege.

Note: Aircraft permissions take longer to be accepted than regular LEO requests, be patient. You are to only spawn the aircraft you selected, nothing else!
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What is your intent to fly? Be specific. Minimum 3 sentences. *
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*Digital Signatures Required Here* By signing below, you are agreeing to SCRP Terms and Services on our "Common Sense Policy". You are to only spawn the selected aircraft(s) you signed up for. You are NOT permitted to use this aircraft to VDM, troll, or negatively impact other players on the server because of your actions. Any violation of these terms will result in disciplinary action, which includes a permanent ban from the server. Use responsibly. *
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