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IVFDF 2020 Photo-Squad
Are you attending IVFDF 2020? Do you own a good camera and always wanted to try your hand at dance-photography?

We are looking for volunteers to join our official IVFDF 2020 Photo-Squad. This merry group of people will be our official photo-providers.

All pictures taken by the Photo-Squad will be reviewed by a member of committee to make sure only people who are okay with having their picture taken are clearly visible on them.
After review, all Photo-Squad pictures will be uploaded centrally (probably in a dropbox) and some of them might appear on the webiste and social media. Photographers will be credited for their pictures unless they specifically opt out of this.

Photo-Squad members will get a "Photo Squad" badge they must wear when taking pictures. We will appoint people to certain times and venues, so we can have a full coverage of the weekend. Photo-duties will probably be 2x2 hours spread over the whole weekend depending on how many volunteers we have. It can be arranged to be on Photo-duty and Stewarding at the same time.

If you are interested in joining the Photo-Squad, please provide some information about you and your camera.

Applications are open until the 31st of January. We will get back to you until the 9th of February.
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