Quadratic funding round #1 for experts
We invite experts to take part in the first quadratic funding round. This is an opportunity to test demand, raise funds, get your first learners and feedback from them before you launch course!

What can you get for participating?
  1. Opportunity to earn up to $20k-$30k in 2 weeks (income depends on the activity of participation and the price of the prize token). But in any case, the expert who took part in the round guarantees himself an income!
  2. Attract new followers. We plan events with a total coverage of up to 500k subscribers. There may be potential clients / customers / collectors / learners
  3. By creating a course on the platform, you can consistently earn from $3k, $15k and even $100k+ every month! It all depends on your popularity and activity. Quadratic funding can help you find your first learners and motivate you to create a quality course.
  4. All experts participating in the round will receive an exclusive NFT

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