BAY-Peace Advisory Board Candidate Questionnaire
Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to answer this questionnaire. We appreciate your interest in joining our Advisory Board!

We are looking for community members and professionals who are willing to invest a small amount of time to leverage their social resources so that we can accomplish our mission and meet our organizational goals. We are hoping to double our annual budget and become our own 501c3 in the next five years! Our fiscal sponsor, Peace Development Fund, is offering us technical support through a three year training program for Board development and financial planning, so it’s an exciting growth opportunity for our organization as well as for Advisory Board members!

Do you have the interest and capacity to help BAY-Peace with organizational development and fundraising to support our youth programs, community arts projects and youth activism? Or do you know someone who might be interested in joining our Advisory Board?

Please fill out this questionnaire, or call or email us if you have any questions or would like to recommend someone! at or (510) 863-1737. Thank you!

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