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The Alliance of Documentary Editors (ADE) is a professional community that champions the unique and vital role of editors and assistant editors in the documentary process. This is the signup form for ADE memberhship, which you should fill out ONLY if you are currently working as a Documentary Editor or Assistant Editor and plan to continue to do so. Upon completing this form, you will receive an instant auto-response email with some more information, and a subsequent email from am ADE administrator within 2 weeks, upon review of your responses. If accepted, you will be automatically be considered a "member" of ADE, will receive periodic communications, and will be invited to all future ADE membership meetings and events. There are no membership dues or other obligations and you can leave the group at any time. Contact us at with any questions or comments. Thanks!
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If you are not currently working as a Documentary Editor/AE, and have not done so in the past year, please briefly explain why you want to join our organization.
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