Etsy Made Local Christmas Market 2019

Applications are now OPEN for Stall Holders for the ETSY MADE LOCAL CHRISTMAS MARKET on Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December and will CLOSE on 1st June.
* Applicants will be notified on 1 August.
* An application fee of $130 is required WITH this application. This will be refunded if you are unsuccessful. If accepted this will become a non-refundable deposit.
* Full Stall fees are due by 15 August.
* There will be no refunds after the 30th September.
* The site plan will be released to vendors on 1 October

****If you have trouble viewing this form on your phone please try on a PC or tablet****

These markets provide a valuable platform for small creative businesses to promote themselves to their local gift-buying audience.

The ETSY MADE LOCAL CHRISTMAS MARKET is a showcase for handmade artists in Tasmania and will take place Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December, from 10am to 4pm at the Derwent Entertainment Centre (DEC)

This is a 2-day market and there will be no one day spaces.

All stall holders will be expected to stay until the market closes so please make sure you can commit to the whole 2 days before applying.

We also expect that you will help to promote the event via any social media that you have and by helping to distribute flyers. The more promotion we can get the more buyers there will be at the market and the more successful your stall will be.


This will be an indoor market and will be held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre in Glenorchy.


The event is open to any ETSY Seller living in Tasmania selling handmade, vintage or supplies. Applicants MUST have an active Etsy store with at least 6 items in it that reflect what you will be selling at the market. The About & Policies sections must be filled in and the shop must have a shop icon and seller avatar. (watch this video if you are unsure

Don't have an Etsy store? You can easily set one up and list your first 20 items free using the code AUSWANDARRAH and the link .


Stall spaces are 3m x 3m in the arena and 2.8 x 2.5m in the Foyer and the cost varies depending on whether the stall is a corner space or not. See below for prices.


Yes you do, however $20 million Public Liability Insurance and $20 million Product Liability Insurance WILL BE INCLUDED FREE for our stall holders. However there are some things that aren't covered by our insurance:

"- We CANNOT cover potions and lotions that stay on the skin eg. any topical cream that is applied to the skin and left on eg lip balm, moisturiser, hand cream, make up, essential oils etc
We can cover soap, bath bombs or bath crystals as they wash off the skin. We can also cover candles.
- We CANNOT cover TOYS of any description"

***If your products fall into the categories mentioned above you WILL NEED to organise your OWN INSURANCE.***
Vendors selling toys will not be accepted unless they submit a current insurance certificate with their application. This can be sent to


Yes, but you will BOTH need to apply separately and indicate on BOTH application forms who you would like to share with. Stall fees will be split between those sharing with a 10% handling fee to cover extra processing and handling fees.


Yes! We will be giving tips and tricks in our vendor's Facebook group page. You will receive a link to this page if your registration is accepted.


There are several options but Squareup has a great promotion happening at the moment and you can get free processing for up to $1000 in transaction in your first 180 days! To get this fantastic deal use this link to sign up . You can get the readers, that plug into your mobile phone or mobile device, at Officeworks for $19 or through Squareup.


Each stallholder should bring the following items to make their life comfortable at the Markets:
* your stock, with price tags or stickers attached;
* any tables, clothes racks or props or display items;
* a white floor length table cover for all tables (this is essential for a professional & consistent look);
* any display, signage and promotional materials, including your business cards;
* money float to suit your product pricing, electronic processing terminal if you have one;
* a chair to sit on, optional;
* a helper (if possible) so you can take a break and for the times when you have so many customers you need an extra pair of hands!;
* snacks and a drink (food will be available at the kiosk and can be ordered ahead to be brought to your stall).


We choose vendors based on a number of criteria:
* you must sell items made by you to be eligible;
* you must have an active Etsy shop with at least six items, About Page and Policies filled in and a Profile Pic;
* we look for professional presentation in your social media or website;
* we look for a quality product;
* we try to get a good balance of categories so we don't have too much competition in each category;
* a willingness to help and promote the market;
* positive community spirit;
* your items must not include any items that infringe on IP rights;
* we can only consider applications that have sent 3 PHOTOS to;
* we can only consider vendors selling toys if a current insurance certificate is sent to with submission
* having been accepted for a previous market does NOT guarantee you a spot in the next one.


We will advise you (in writing) of our decision.

If you're unsuccessful, you will automatically be added to a 'second chance' list and we'll be in contact with you should a space become available. If you haven't heard from us by 1st August it means you are on the wait list but do check your spam folder as emails do end up there sometimes.


A $130 Application fee is required WITH your application. If successful this will become your non-refundable deposit. If unsuccessful this fee will be refunded to you. The entire stall fee must be paid by 15th AUGUST. Failure to pay by this date WILL result in forfeiture of your place and you will go back on the waiting list. Please note installment plans WILL NOT be available as they have been abused in the past. Please ensure you can pay both payments on time before applying.


Stall fees will go into covering the costs of venue fees, insurance, equipment hire, decoration and promotion. If you cancel, we will NOT be able to give you a refund unless we can find someone to take your place. Please keep this in mind before applying. Your stall is NOT transferable so you cannot sell your spot to someone else as we need to approve all vendors and site placements. Cancellations received up to 30th September will be refunded stall fees less the deposit IF we can find a replacement. Cancellations post 1 October will not receive a refund for any reason.


Bump in will be from 7am on the SATURDAY. You will be allocated a time. please note we are unable to access the venue on the Friday due to another booking.


Would you like to maximise your profits at this market and others? Learn how to maximise profits and get more leads in a short training series. Register today for a special market discount which is only available when your book with this submission. See below for prices.


You can contact us with any questions at


1. LIKE & FOLLOW the Etsy Made Local Hobart Facebook Page & Event
2. SEND 3 clear photos to
3. PAY the application fee HERE
4. Fill in this form and SUBMIT form (all 4 steps MUST be completed or your application will not be considered)

Applications are now OPEN and will CLOSE on 1st JUNE.

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What is your Etsy store url. (Please type as *
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Business Name ‐ that you will be trading with at the market as. Please use EXACT spelling, punctuation, spacing, capitals and lowercase etc., as this is how your name will appear on all promotional materials. *
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Describe the items you intend to sell at the market. Please list all items you intend to sell as you will not be able to add different items later. *
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Please send three clear photos of your items to be used for promotional purposes to (Send each photo in a separate email so they don't bounce. Please include your Etsy shop name) Your application won't be considered without them. *
Please pay the REGISTRATION FEE at: (Your application will not be considered if you haven't paid) *
What is your Facebook URL? Please use the format
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Have you liked & followed Etsy Made Local Hobart on Facebook here: *
Stall Selection
The cost of your stall will depend on which style you choose (prices are further down where you select your stall). We have two options to choose from:

* One face, no wall - STANDARD SITE
* Corner site, two faces, no wall - PREMIUM SITE
* Free standing site, three faces - ULTRA SITE (only 2 available)

Please choose your preferred style below. We will do our best to allocate your style preference if possible but we reserve the right to offer you a different size if your preferred style is not available.

Stall fees include venue hire, advertising and public liability / product insurance ($40+ value) are included free with your stall hire. We require all stallholders to use a white table cover so we have a consistent look.

***Please note that if you sell items in the Bath & Beauty or Toy categories our insurance might not cover you and you will need to organise your own insurance. See the exclusions in the Insurance section above.***

What style stall would you prefer
I'd like to share a stall with. Please note there is a 10% handling fee on shared stalls to cover our extra processing and handling fees.
Your answer
Do you intend to erect "walls" (Vertical structures taller than you)? *
Do you need power? (This will be an extra $5) Please note all cords must be tagged and tested. We will have an electrician onsite during bump in to tag & test for a fee of $5 per cord *
How long does your set up take? (This will determine your bump in time) *
Your answer
Would you like to advertise in the Gift Guide? (A5, 2000 copies) We will use the images you send so please make sure they are high resolution) *
OPTIONAL EXTRA BONUS: Would you like to maximise sales and get more leads at markets? Register now for this short course at a special market discount ONLY available on this form. The course is valued at $147 but you can save up to 42% with this special offer. The course is online and can be done at your own pace at a time to suit you. *
Helping us to help you
This market is organised by a group of Etsy sellers who give up their time to organise this market to help you promotes and sell your items.. We do NOT get paid. We want to create an absolutely fabulous market for you. So that we can do all the things we need to and make it enjoyable for everyone we need your help.The more you can help the better the market will be.

Promotion is absolutely crucial to get as many buyers to the market as possible. All stall holders are expected to help with this in some way. As a minimum, handing out leaflets to friends and local businesses or letter dropping in your area as well as promoting on your social media. There are other opportunities to help promote below.

We will also need help setting up and packing up after the market so if that is something you can help with please indicate below.

Please indicate below at least one area you would like to help in: *
How did you hear about the market? *
Terms and Conditions
Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions to participate in this market.
Insurance *
You are responsible for the safety and security of your own products and belongings at the event *
We require you to share, post and promote the event on social media, generally and as directed by the team *
We also require that all stall holders help in distributing postcards/flyers promoting the market *
I understand that all stall holders are required to stay for the entire day and be set up ready to sell at the designated time. *
We require all tables to have a white tablecloth to give the market a consistent look *
Code of Conduct: Rudeness or abuse to the organiser, committee, other vendors or customers will not be tolerated either before or during the market. What constitutes rudeness or abuse will be determined by the organiser and this decision is final. Rudeness or abuse will result in immediate termination of your right to trade at the market and your stall fee will be returned at the organiser's discretion. No refunds will be given after 30th September. *
Whilst we will do everything in our power to bring as many customers as possible to the market we cannot guarantee numbers or sales. The Organisers make no claims or promises as to the number or value of your sales on the day. *
In the event that the market has to be cancelled for any reason, refunds will not be given but you will receive a place at another market in the next 12 months. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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