Make a suggestion for the Hipster Map of Melbourne
Do you have a suggestion for a hipster bar, cafe, eatery, entertainment or shopping location to include on the Hipster Map of Melbourne?

Our working definition of "hipster" is a place that:
1. requires a story or explanation to really understand;
2. cares a lot about where things come from or how they're made; and
3. prioritises a unique aesthetic over usefulness or convenience.

We're also on the look out for places that are magnets for hipsters seeking some kind of "authentic" experience, like certain parks or community groups.
Type of venue *
What type of thing is this place primarily? For cafe/bars that serve food, categorise it how you mostly think of it: somewhere to drink, somewhere to eat, or somewhere to have coffee.
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What's the official name of the place?
What's the street address? Or enough detail that we can track it down.
A description that will make others laugh. Let's not take this too seriously.
The web address of the place, if it has one.
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