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Art Integration Smoothies: A Professional Development in Art Juicing for Blended Lessons
A-state Jonesboro Professional Development
June 25-June 28, 2019

Only the first 15 participants to register will be admitted to each session. Following participants will be placed on a waiting list and be contacted if an opening becomes available. You can register for just one session and receive credit for that session. You do not have to attend the full day. Credit will be awarded following each of the sessions you attend.
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PD Sessions Being Offered:

Title: Bradbury Art Museum guided tour (NEW)
Presenter: Haley Voges
Description: Participants will visit Bradbury Art Museum on A-State campus for an immersive experience focused on the artwork of David (Lebo) Le Batard who considers himself a cartoonist. Lebo’s work will allow the exploration of diverse subject matter such as calligraphy, comic strips, indigenous art, mythology, and street art.

Title: Celebrating Poetry with Collage
Presenter: Renette Wilson
Description: Celebrating Poetry with Collage Art is an adaptable presentation for K-12 educators that integrates language arts with visual arts and technology. This lesson may be independent or collaborative as students discover poetry writing and collage art techniques inspired by artists such as Eric Carle, author of the popular children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Max Ernst, inventor of paint texture techniques.

Title: Comparing Artists & Painting (supply fee $10)
Presenter: Kelli Taylor
Description: This presentation involves comparing two artists from two different time periods and studying the difference in style, subject matter, materials, etc. Lesson can incorporate history and science. Handouts, Ppt, and mini painting session provided. A $10.00 fee for painting supplies and printouts required.

Title: Crafting Meaningful Lessons
Presenter: Susan Whiteland
Description: In this workshop series attendees will explore how to use a big idea, problem based learning and a transdisciplinary approach for crafting meaningful lessons. Workshop participants will engage hands on with an art process and consider how the experience can teach content from a variety of subject areas, provide opportunity for student choice and foster an investigation of how to solve a real-world issue. During this workshop the big idea of environment and problems of endangered species, global warming, and/or pollution will be considered. Each workshop session stands alone but may be thought of as a unit of study. Lessons include: (1) Toothpaste Batik, (2) Cyanotype prints, (3) Roofing felt animal portraits, (4) Faux Needle Felting, (5) Paper Mash Sculptures. Each lesson can be modified for a variety of ages.

Title: Exploratory Learning
Presenter: Jill Kary
Description: This presentation will demonstrate hands-on Art activities that directly relate to English Language Arts and Social Studies Standards. After a lively introductory presentation and discussion, audience members will participate in a fun, slightly messy activity. Teachers will leave the presentation with a renewed understanding of exploratory learning and a craving to mix-up scrumptious student learning experiences of their own.

Title: Integrate Lessons
Presenter: Jennifer West
Description: Teachers grades k-12, especially content or grade-level teachers will benefit from this presentation about how to create an arts integrated lesson. Presenter will discuss the steps she uses to help other educators create an Arts integration lesson without feeling intimidated by the Art side of things. Presenter will have copies available of Arts integration lessons for various grade levels as examples. Audience will look into creating a lesson about a subject/content/practice specific to attendees.

Title: Lego Portraits
Presenter: David Leggett
Description: A step-by-step demonstration of how to take a portrait and turn it into a portrait made from Lego bricks. Presenter demonstrates how he uses Photoshop to pixelate a portrait and then how he lowers the number of colors needed while still making it recognizable and setting a color scheme. If attendees each have access to Photoshop, the internet, a printer and have a working knowledge of Photoshop, they could follow along and print their own portrait. If not, the presenter can have some portraits already printed off for them to build from. Presenter will supply the bricks to complete the portraits, up to 15 participants per session. Unfortunately, attendees will not be able to keep their portraits once completed.

Title: Matisse: Paintings to paper cut-outs (supply fee $4)
Presenter: Sandy Kalkman
Description: Integrating art history into the studio classroom. The title is Matisse: Paintings to paper cut-outs. Suggested audience is teachers of grades 4 -12.The only supplies needed are a projector, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue, large (12x18") and regular size construction paper in assorted colors. $4 per person covers the supply cost.

Title: More-igami
Presenter: Mary Ransone
Description: The title of this presentation/workshop is "More-igami." Presenter will show how she integrates literature in her art lessons by using the books More-igami, by Dori Kleber and My Arkansas! Presenter has a hands-on step by step lesson with origami. Presenter will also share other books that she uses with her origami unit. Suggested audience is teachers of lower elementary art students. Supplies will be provided (paper, markers).

Title: So Many Supplies, Too Little Money
Presenter: Mary Ransone
Description: So Many Supplies, Too little Money! This will be a presentation on supplying your Art room for the year. Presenter will suggest fundraising ideas to generate more money for supplies; where to order supplies, quantities, best quality for the money; ideas for starting After School Art programs and canvas painting Camps. No supply fee necessary. Presenter will provide any materials needed. Suggested audience is elementary/intermediate level Art teachers.

Title: Sphero Robots
Presenter: Allen Hays
Description: The participants will code sphero robots to create a work of art. Any teachers interested in STEAM activities for their classroom will enjoy this workshop. Participants will need to bring their own devices with the SPRK+ Sphero App already downloaded. (Compatible devices include chromebooks, ipads, iphones and android devices).

Title: The Garage
Presenter: Ty Keller
Description: Tour and hands on demonstration of the laser cutter, 3D printer and router.

Title: Warhol Reduction Printing (supply fee $6)
Presenter: Sandy Kalkman
Description: Andy Warhol Reduction Method Printmaking. An intro lesson on reduction method printmaking focused on Andy Warhol's subject of mass-produced consumer items. The audience is 9th-12th grade teachers or anyone who wants to experience relief block method reduction printmaking.
Cost is $6.00 per person @ 20 students total.

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