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Paper Storms is a non-profit organization that operates in creativity geared to help young girls ages 12-17 uncover their backstories. Great leaders write and create every day, one day at a time. The tools they need are stirring up on the inside and we work with them to bring them to the surface.

Here's how:
We inform young women of their brilliance by utilizing the tools and therapy of writing through journal entries, “homework” that’s fun to do and art projects every session. Many of the young ladies we’ve enrolled are artists in their own right. We lead thought-provoking discussions, ask questions, give feedback and explore our limits. We allow time and space for processing by creating safe spaces for free speech. The most important factor is allowing every girl to speak her mind about the world around and within her. Recognizing everyone learns and expresses differently, we also offer tactile mixed media art projects and photography, songwriting and dance sessions along with writing spaces. The goal is to continue enriching and encouraging girls to express themselves without fear or rejection. This is Paper Storms.

Paper Storms Yoga will run every first Sunday beginning at 2:00p from January - May at BareSoul Yoga.

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