Brain Game Center Application for Research Assistant
The UCR Brain Game Center ( is currently accepting applications from undergraduate students for a role as a Research Assistant. The Brain Game Center’s mission is to research, test, and disseminate game software that has been created with expert knowledge to optimize human brain processes with the requirement that these brain games translate to performance in real-life activities. Our games are created by Professors Aaron Seitz, a world-leading expert in brain plasticity with over 60 publications on the topic. Collaborative efforts between Psychology and Computer Science Departments allows us to design games that are fun but also have real word benefits on one’s life.
Our games focus on developing better:
- Vision
- Hearing
- Memory  
- Attention
- Executive functioning
- And more!

Video Games currently available on Apple App Store:
Recall the Game
ReCollect the Game
Remember Bee
Spatial Release

Research Assistant Job Description:
Research Assistants in the lab are involved in various aspects of experiments, including recruiting and posting for subjects, testing human subjects on computer-controlled perceptual assessments or EEG set-ups (i.e. administering paperwork, setting-up the computer program, explaining instructions, supervising subjects during experiment itself, and administering feedback), administering vision assessments, using iPads for assessments and experiments, doing some preliminary analyses and data entry, attending regular weekly lab meetings, and helping out with a variety of miscellaneous tasks as they arise, and in some cases designing and running their own experiments.

The minimum time commitment is 9 hours/week with opportunities for students who can commit more time than this, and most students continue in our lab for at least 3 quarters. Volunteers may be immediately eligible for 1 unit credit depending on restrictions within their major. After a probationary quarter volunteers may be able to register for 2-4 credits per quarter, either S/NC or for a letter grade.

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining our team. We will contact you in the near future if you appear to possess the qualities that we are looking for. Thanks!

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PSYC 132: Perception
PSYC 134: Cognitive Processes
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