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For this course you will need access to a working G-Mail or Google account, if you do not have one already. Enter an existing G-mail address below or open a new one at Creating a new G-Mail address with some variation of "capustudent," "[your initials]capu" or "engl100mail" will give an added layer of privacy to your account. Type your G-Mail address in the box below. Make a note of it and your password. *
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Briefly describe your previous work in high school English classes or other college writing/English courses (novels/plays you might have read, techniques you might have learned such as the "five paragraph essay,” rules you may have been asked to follow). Be as detailed or as brief as you feel you need to be. “Not memorable” is fine as an answer.
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Please write on some of the reasons you have for taking this course—or some of your expectations. Was there a reason you enrolled in this course as opposed to other available courses? (If this is a writing course, maybe there is a particular area of your writing you feel needs work or improvement). *
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