LearnTech Camp Summer 2020 Registration Monday 24th August - Wednesday 26th August, 9am - 3pm
Please complete a separate form for each child that is attending.
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Feel free to add more than one name if there are multiple people picking up and dropping off.
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Photographs and videos taken during the session may appear on platforms including but not limited to: social media platforms, company website, company newsletter and the press for Mallards Wood Education, Learn Tech and TechGirls Ltd. Any students who do not wish to be photographed need to be highlighted ahead of the session. All videography and photography will be appropriate to the activity. The names and contact details of the students will be protected.
What device will your child bring to the camp? *
Please ensure Google Chrome is installed on to the device before attending the camp.
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Please pay using the following link:

LearnTech is not offering refunds after the booking is complete. Please ensure your child attends their session on time and is collected on time. For children who are collected late, there will be a fine of £2 per minute.
Please ensure that your child brings a charged device and charger with them
All equipment, including chargers, needs to be labelled with the child's name. There maybe specific apps that would need to be downloaded before the session, these details will be sent out ahead of the course.
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