Safe to Say
ABC See something, say something
Keep ABC School safe by sharing concerns with safe adults. This tip line provides a way to share concerns with school administration. The safety of our students and staff are very important and sharing your concerns can help.

This tip line is designed to help you report information that's concerning, scaring or endangering you, your friends, classmates, school staff members, or our school.

This program is intended to facilitate the reporting of sensitive information to school officials, including information regarding safety threats, violence, fights, drugs, alcohol, drugs, weapons, bullying and friends that talk about hurting themselves, weapons, bomb threats, fights, bullying or harassment, physical or sexual abuse, gang activity, suicide threats or discussion, vandalism, theft, etc

Although you can choose to share a tip anonymously, your name could provide us with important additional information if needed. Know that your name will not be disclosed. Leave a tip, anonymous or disclosed and we will investigate and help.

For all emergency situations call 911.

We do continue to encourage students and parents to feel comfortable reporting concerns directly to staff (teachers, administrators, resource officers, counselors, etc).

All tips will be investigated. Tips are taken very seriously. Submitting false information or claims could result in consequences.

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