Have you had trouble getting CalFresh or other benefits?

My name is Jackie Botts and I'm a reporter covering economic inequality in California. I work for CalMatters, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom committed to explaining California policy and politics. We partner with more than 180 newsrooms across the state, so you may have seen our stories in your local newspaper.

One area I'm researching is CalFresh, California's food stamp program. Have you had trouble getting CalFresh? Or have you had trouble helping your clients enroll in CalFresh? I'm very interested to hear about your experience.

Please answer the questions below and I might follow up with you. You'll also see a place to tell me about your experience with other benefits besides CalFresh. Feel free to shoot me an email directly at jackie@calmatters.org if you prefer. You can also send me information about anything else you think I should be paying attention to.

(You might find my previous reporting on CalFresh interesting. You can find it here: https://t.co/1VfZURsOYV)

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A NOTE ABOUT MY COMMITMENT TO YOUR PRIVACY: I appreciate you sharing your story and I take your privacy seriously. CalMatters is gathering this information for our reporting, and will not publish it without your permission.
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I'm also interested in hearing about troubles people face trying to get other benefits, like CalWORKS, Medi-Cal and SSI/SSP. If you've had trouble getting other benefits, what was your experience like?
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