Tupton Parish Council: Discretionary Grant Application Form

Tupton Parish Council is funded by the residents of Tupton and therefore has only limited funds available to assist community organisations located and working in the parish. The total amount made available for discretionary grants is determined annually by the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Subject to funding being available Tupton Parish Council is committed to providing assistance and support to local community groups which are set up to promote community life for Tupton residents.

The Council’s financial support is provided by way of grants/donations which are decided against criteria set by, and which can be amended from time to time by, Tupton Parish Council.

The Parish Council believes that voluntary groups benefit the wider community and that each should have equal opportunity to access the discretionary grant fund; limits are therefore placed on the number of applications and the total amount of funding any one organisation may apply for in each year.

Tupton Parish Council has a duty to provide services to the local community. The Council cannot provide grant funding to organisations which would be unsustainable without direct funding from the parish precept; and will not consider grants/donations to any organisation which does not fully adhere to the Council’s values statement.


1. The applicant is a voluntary or charitable body with a strong connection to Tupton.
2. There must be a clear benefit to a significant part of the community of Tupton.
3. Support is aimed at specific projects. The Council cannot guarantee availability of funding in subsequent years.
4. Types of project considered suitable are:
        a. Supporting specific user groups in their activities
        (e.g. young children’s groups, youth work, the elderly and groups with special needs)
        b. Assisting in the purchase of equipment or materials to support specific communal activities
        (e.g. IT equipment, sports kit, sports equipment)
        c. Assisting with modest infrastructure projects which enable community activities
        (e.g. minor building works or repairs)
        d. Supporting projects that will leave a lasting legacy for the community to use or enjoy
        (e.g. play spaces for children, seating garden areas, improvements to allotment sites, improvements to immediate community environment)
        e. The purchase of specific services to enhance organised community activity
        (e.g. visiting speakers, group entertainment or specified educational activity)
        f. Start-up costs for a new project or club
        g. Costs associated with enlarging an existing club membership
5. The maximum grant payable per application is usually £500, other than in exceptional circumstances (such as one-off capital expenditure or where the funding is used to address the local impact of an emergency or disaster relief).
6. A maximum of four applications, by any one organisation, will be considered by any one organisation per annum.
7. The council looks for some assurance that both the project and the applicant have long-term viability.
8. If a project is still in the planning stage a time-limited offer of a grant may be made conditional upon evidence of a firm commitment to a start date e.g. by placing a contractually binding order. The project for which the grant is claimed should commence within 6 months of the offer or it may lapse.
9. The Council may ask the applicant to incur the expenditure and provide invoices for reimbursement.

Application process

1. Applications for a grant should be made using the online grant form below.
2. Grants are usually considered monthly; however, the Parish Clerk must receive your application at least ten days prior to the Parish Council meeting (the Council cannot legally consider applications for which due notice has not been given on the agenda). Any applications received after this deadline will be carried over to the next meeting of the Parish Council. The Parish Council ordinarily meet on the second Wednesday of each month (no meeting is held in August).
3. Grants requested in excess of £500 require audited accounts to accompany the submission. These must be received by the Parish Clerk before your application can be accepted for inclusion on the agenda.
4. You are advised to attend the Parish Council meeting in person when your application is assessed should the Council have any questions regarding your application; otherwise, the decision may have to be deferred to a future meeting pending any clarifications being received.
5. Applicants will be informed of the council’s decision as soon as practicable after the meeting.
6. All documentation provided will be available for public scrutiny and must be legible.
7. Payments will be made by BACS

If successful

1. The applicant is notified and asked to reconfirm the date on which the funds are required and provide the payee’s bank details, and to undertake to use the funds for the agreed purpose.
2. Grant funds can only be transferred into the successful organisation’s bank account or directly to an approved supplier. Grant funding cannot be made to an individual’s bank account.
3. A progress report is required within 3 months of the grant being given. Monitoring and reporting requirements

As a condition of receiving a grant you are required to complete a short evaluation report. Groups are expected to provide written evidence of what the money has been spent on and the benefit it has brought to the people of the Parish.

Such evidence of how the money has been spent should include copies of invoices and receipts, plus attendance numbers, photos, press clippings, etc. where applicable. This information should be submitted within 3 months of the event/project.

General grant conditions

1. The grant can only be used for the purpose stated in the application and the Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the specified purpose of the application. However, if a group wishes to change the purpose of the grant, they must seek approval by writing to the Council who will consider approving the change.

2. Applications for projects where the work has already been completed will not be considered.
Each application is considered on its own merit and reconciled against the annual discretionary grant fund budget. If your application for funding is rejected because it does not meet criteria, or because the maximum fund allocation has been apportioned, you are welcome to apply for further funding in the future.
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Applicant Details
Tell us about your organisation.
Organisation Name *
Correspondence Address *
Summary of aims and objectives *
Nature of organisation *
Registered charity number (if applicable)
Date organisation established (approximate if you don't know exactly) *
Number of members/officers living/working in Tupton Parish *
Number of volunteers living/working in Tupton Parish *
Number of people, living/working in Tupton Parish, who take part in the organisation’s activities *
Tupton Parish Council's Values Statement
Tupton Parish Council believes and recognises that the diversity of our population is one of our greatest strengths and assets.

We are committed to ensuring that people are treated fairly and to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone to live, learn, work and relax in the Parish.

We will address inequality both in the workplace and in relation to access to services and outcomes.

We strongly oppose all forms of discrimination and will actively work to eliminate discriminatory barriers and ensure that individuals and communities within Tupton have a sense of shared, common belonging and understanding.

We formally condemn all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, religious beliefs and any other characteristics as defined in the Equality Act.
Please confirm that your organisation adheres to Tupton Parish Council’s values statement (above). We will not grant funds to any organisation that does not share our values. *
Grant Details
Explain to us what the grant is for and how the whole project will be funded.
Purpose for which the grant is required *
Please confirm which category/categories your application meets. *
Describe the benefit to the residents of Tupton Parish *
Is this a one off or an on-going project? *
Total cost of project *
Amount requested in this application *
Describe what contribution will come from the organisation’sown finances, please state “None” if none *
Grants already received from other bodies for this project (list provider names and amounts) , please state “None” if none *
Applications made to other bodies which are awaiting outcome (list provider names and amounts) , please state “None” if none *
Date the project/work will start *
Expected completion date *
How will success of the project be measured? *
Date funds required *
Important Note
Please allow sufficient time when submitting your application.

An application (including audited accounts, if the application is for more than £500) must be received at least 10 days prior to the Parish Council meeting - otherwise it will be held over until the following meeting before it can be assessed.

You are strongly advised to attend the parish council meeting when your application is tabled for discussion in case members of the Council wish to clarify any of the details; otherwise the application may be deferred to a later meeting pending clarification.

Once approved you will be required to provide your bank details and sign and return the acceptance of offer BEFORE any money can be released.
Date of application *
Contact Details
Please tell us who we need to speak with in regard to this application.
Person to contact *
Email address for contact person *
Phone number for contact person *
Bank Details
Please note that funds can only be paid directly to the community or charity. They cannot be paid directly to an individual or third party. If your group does not have a bank account in its own name please contact the Parish Clerk.
Name of organisation (as shown on bank account) *
Bank Sort Code *
Bank Account Number *
On behalf of the organisation, I can confirm that the information in this application is correct and that the organisation is not established or conducted for profit.

I undertake that:

▪ the organisation will inform the Council of any changes in the organisation’s circumstances that would affect this application

▪ receipts for all items detailed in section 3 will be provided to the Parish Council for audit, within three months of this application, and may be open to public inspection

▪ to repay, within three months, any grant funding which has not been used in accordance with section 3, or which cannot be evidences by receipts (as per the above condition)

Grant aid is not available to meet legal costs, rent, entertainment or travel or accommodation costs. It is also not
available to pay salaries or out of pocket expenses for the organisation’s volunteers.

The person named above consents to Tupton Parish Council processing and holding their personal data in relation to processing this application under the General Data Protection Act 2018.
Please confirm that you accept the above declaration. *
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