Out of School Music Registration Form - Drums
This year Hillcrest Normal School offers out of school group music teaching in Drums. Classes will only begin when minimum numbers are reached and you will be advised of the tuition times closer to the commencement of classes by the tutor. It is expected that you and your child make a year’s commitment to this programme as the classes are self funded and the school makes a yearly commitment to the tutors involved. If you have any other questions, please contact Andy Peart at apeart@hillcrestnormal.school.nz for more information.

Drum Classes:
Tutor: Aaron Sharpe Day: Tuesday (Resource Room beside the Library) Tuition Fee: $200 per year

Students must be Year 3 and older. They will need their own drum sticks which they can bring to school on the day of their lesson. It is handy if they can have access to a drum kit at home so they can practice although we realise that practice can be done on improvised items as well.

All fees are will be invoiced in Week 6. Half is payable immediately; the fee balance is due Week 1, Term 3. If the student has not paid the first payment then they will not be able to continue with lessons for the second half of the year. Our preferred payment method is internet banking with your child's name and which musical instrument they will be playing. The bank account number is 12-3249-0102946-00
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