Survey for the Historic Joy Kogawa House: Understanding Long Term Operation Needs & Opportunities
This short survey has been co-created by the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society & CapacityBuild Consulting. The role of CapacityBuild Consulting is to complete a long term operational development plan that explores how on-going literary and cultural programming and public access use can ensure a vibrant future for the Historic Joy Kogawa House. 

As a member of the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society and someone who is interested in sustaining a positive future for the site, we hope you will take a few minutes to provide your feedback. It is extremely valuable in understanding how the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society can sustain itself long term through programming, tours, events, and artists-in-residence.


Thank-you for taking the time to provide your brief feedback. Responses will be collected until Sunday, February 24th, 2019.

If you have any questions or additional comments about the survey please contact CapacityBuild:

Scott Hughes:
Zanny Venner:


1. Why do you believe the Historic Joy Kogawa House is an important community asset?
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2. What are the benefits to you through your connection and your membership in the Historic Joy Kogawa House Society?
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3. From which perspective is your connection to the Historic Joy Kogawa House most closely aligned?
4. The Historic Joy Kogawa House is currently used for public events, artists-in-residence, literary events, and educational tours. What programming aspects of the Historic Joy Kogawa House would you like to see expanded upon?
5. In order to increase awareness about the significance of the Historic Joy Kogawa House in the neighbourhood and in Vancouver, in what ways would you like to see the Joy Kogawa House increase its connections to the community?
6. How would you describe your own accessibility (physical or emotional) to the current space?
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7.What do you feel is the most important accessibility element to improve upon? This includes both physical and non-physical barriers (i.e., societal, cultural, emotional).
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8. Have you made a financial donation to the Society in the past?
9. If 'no', would you consider making a donation to the Society to support the ongoing work in community?
10. Please provide any additional comments you would like to share about the role and importance of the Historic Joy Kogawa House.
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