Gross Things That Happened To Me As A Woman In Comedy - ANONYMOUS
Fill out this anonymous form about your experience with sexism, assault, or harassment. You're not alone.  The collective experiences will remain anonymous and will be posted in a "post secret" format with photos and quotes of text from selected experiences to illustrate the every day microaggressions, assault/crimes, and traumas we experience as a community. You will not be named and the perpetrator will not be mentioned or named in any posts. If you are a male who has experienced this, we welcome your story as well.  If you would like to be named and/or have incriminating evidence, we would love to put you in touch with the proper authorities.

If you have been keeping this experience private and are looking for help, we encourage you to contact the proper authorities and/or we can also put you in touch with resources. email
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Where did this inappropriate, gross behavior toward you happen?
During class? After a show?
How were you acquainted with the perpetrator?
Relation to you - friend, teacher, agent, booker, etc.
What did the perpetrator or harasser say or do to you?
Feel free to be as detailed or vague as you want
Any memorable quotes of gross things they said to you via text, email, or in person that you want to share?
Quotes of the gross.
Did you tell anyone about the gross/inappropriate behavior?
If yes, tell who and why, if no, tell us why you did not feel safe to say anything
Did the person you told help you? If not, why not?
Anything else?
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If you would like us to contact you about reporting this we are happy to discuss your options while keeping your info anonymous until you decide what's right for you.
Do you have written or other evidence to support your story? If so, Is this something you are willing to share?
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