The IF Project 2018 Mentor Application
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your interest in The IF Project's Mentoring Program. The IF Project provides incarcerated women with comprehensive services that include preparation for re-entry upon release, women-specific health and wellness programs, writing workshops, and community mentoring. The program focuses on women who are presently incarcerated at Washington Corrections Center for Women and will be released into Pierce and King Counties.

This program requires a 2-year commitment from both mentors and mentees. Our volunteer mentors are carefully screened and agree to participate in the program for a minimum of two years. Once accepted into the program, they receive a day-long orientation training about working with and supporting women in prison. Two day-long visits to WCCW are arranged to match and introduce mentors and mentees to each other, work on goal-setting together, tour the facility and receive further WCCW-specific training. Mentors are managed by a trained staff member from The IF Project who provides regular check-ins, as well as quarterly training on a variety of topics relevant to working with this population.

Upon acceptance to the program, the incarcerated woman (mentee) receives program training, including participation expectations and guidance on building a relationship with her mentor. Prior to release, she will be enrolled in The IF Project's PREP (Personal Reentry Education Plan) Class series, focusing on job preparedness, educational goals, and access to resources and services, and our Health & Wellness Class series, including classes on wellness goals, communication, healthy relationships, coping skills, and conflict resolution.

While the mentees are incarcerated, the mentors are expected to arrange monthly visits and establish regular communication through the facility emailing system, working to provide support as the mentee creates and develops their reentry plan. Once mentees are released, the mentor and mentee meet monthly (with communication weekly) to provide a line of support as the mentee works through their journey of re-entry. The mentor may assist with a variety of topics, such as getting and retaining employment, establishing a long-term home, finding additional occasions for skills/career training and identifying educational opportunities. The mentors also support the mentees by modeling and encouraging self-confidence, personal growth, and providing ways and means to self-empowerment.

Thank you so much for your interest! After reading our introduction, if you would like to sign up to become a mentor, please continue on through this application. We encourage you to take your time, be thoughtful and thorough in your answers so we can consider the best match for you! Once you have completed the application, we will be in contact with you.

Thank you again,
The IF Project

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