#MentHERnyc - Founder Application
MentHERNYC Is An Invitation-Only Event Connecting The Most Promising Early Stage Women-Led Companies With The Most Active Investors & Advisors In The NYC Area. The application deadline for MentHERnyc is now past! Please fill out this application if you are interested in similar investor/founder events and matching opportunities.
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Are you an early stage women-led company in the NYC area with a big vision? Are you seeking guidance and advice from some of the most active, helpful Investors/Advisors as you prepare to fundraise?

#MentHERnyc invites you to attend a day of mentoring and education with some of the foremost investors, advisors, and thought leaders in the NYC startup community.
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i.e. A woman is either a founder and/or C-level executive.
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We are targeting companies in the NYC ecosystem so please elaborate on why you want to attend if you are outside of NYC.
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Please list all founders and respective LinkedIn profiles and roles in the company & a one liner about what each person contributes to the team.
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All the people who work with your company at least once a week or are equity holders
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Do you have a live product? # of customers? revenues generated? The more information you can provide the better a picture we can have of your application.
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Link to your pitch deck if you have one.
You can also email it to events@monarq.co with the subject line "MentHERnyc Pitch Deck"
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