Virtual Cabin Connections
We are so excited that you are here!

Please have your camper sign up for their Cabin Connections group by answering the questions below. You/your camper will receive communication from the camp committee or their counselor in the coming weeks with details on how to join their group. Please ensure that you include the contact information for the best form of communication for your child. (Each camper needs an individual sign up)

Thank you for joining us!
Camper's First Name *
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How old will the camper be on June 26, 2020? *
What grade will the camper be entering in September of 2020? *
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This email address will be used to send out a confirmation and updates about camp.
Camper Communication method *
What is the best way to communicate directly with the camper? This information will only be used by the counselor(s) assigned to the Cabin Connection group. (Can choose more than one method if needed. The counselor will determine what will work best for the majority of the group.)
Camper Communication Information *
Please provide contact information based on each of the communication method(s) you chose in the previous question. (separate by commas)
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MEDIA RELEASE: I hereby consent and give permission to Camp Arevelk staff to photograph or videotape my child to be used for the purpose of advertising and or promoting Camp Arevelk. Camp Arevelk owns the copyright of the images taken and may use a selection of them for advertising. Photographs can be posted in AEUNA publications, online, social media, slideshow, video montage, print and any other way to promote Camp. The photos will be used solely for camp purposes and will not be given to a third party.
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