Peter Hartman Math Book Loaning Scholarship
Current enrollment in a Pierce College math course
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The Peter Hartman Math Book Fund Scholarship was designed as a loan program so that the greatest number of students would benefit. Recipients accept responsibility for this vital resource and as such agree to return the borrowed textbook package by the last day of finals in acceptable/serviceable condition, or else pay full replacement value.

Applications for Winter 2018 are due Friday, Jan 5, by 1pm.
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In addition to books, the program can lend a limited number of TI-84 calculators.
Describe your financial need, to include how receiving a book from this fund help your financial situation and what other sources of financial aid you receive. How will being awarded a math textbook further your education and get you closer to graduation? *
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To qualify for consideration, you must be currently enrolled in a Pierce College math course. *
Applicants will be notified whether then have received a book or not via the email address provided above within 2 days after the application deadline.
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