KBP Concert Interest Form
If you are interested in working at Key Bank Pavilion (KBP) please complete this form for EACH PERSON in your family who might be working there .
NOTE: Each person will need a unique email address to sign up for the RAMP training if needed.
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You must be at least 16 years old to work at KBP. If you are under 18 you are not permitted to work in a position that serves or handles alcohol. There are a limited number of positions for teens.
RAMP Training *
RAMP is the mandatory alcohol service training program for the state of PA. This training is self-paced and on-line. If you indicate the need for RAMP training, you will receive a link via a future email for completing the RAMP online course.
RAMP Certification Verification
If you have RAMP Certification and it will not expire before September 30, 2019, enter your RAMP number below. This can be found on your RAMP card, in your RAMP certification email, or by logging into the site and looking up your certificate.
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Concert Availability *
Please review the concert schedule and provide your best estimate of availability. This is important in determining how many stands the Foxes can support for the season. Note: On occasion, I can work around the report time if it conflicts with your work schedule.
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Are there any dates you definitely can't work? (vacation, wedding, etc)
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Shirts are provided by KBP.
I am interested in carpool options for concerts. *
If yes, visit the following Google Doc to collaborate with other volunteers interested in carpool. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EynrfEVuPAyCVuHFgAvDxabvGnEgcUgqeqomcBIEAzo/edit?usp=sharing
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