Buela Youth Orchestra Registration
September 6th, 2018- May 16th, 2019

Orchestra Rehearsals: Thursdays 3:30-5:00pm
Location: Fitzgerald School Orchestra Room

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I, the parent or guardian, agree to the terms of the Buela Youth Orchestra, a free after-school program. Lost or misplaced music will incur a fee to replace such parts. This fee is determined by the music company with which it was purchased from and may vary. I assure that my student(s) will attend all rehearsals as scheduled and be present at the performances as given to me at the start of each semester. I assure that my student will arrive promptly, ensuring enough time to get out their instrument, tune, and set-up prior to the start of rehearsal. I will pick up my student at the scheduled time as the music staff will not wait until I have done so. Ss. Peter and Paul Parish or St. Jose Sanchez Del Rio Seminary are not liable for lost/stolen items or injury incurred while on their property. I understand that all adults who work with students in the parish are VIRTUS trained to assure a safe environment for my child(ren).
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