KCSIE Part 1 Quiz
This is a quick quiz to help you check you are up-to-date with Keeping Children Safe in Education safeguarding procedures. Some of it is specific to the school I work in but feel free to make your own copy to use personally or in your school. Instructions are here: http://www.monkeymagic.net/?p=5807&
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Who has responsibility for safeguarding in your school? *
Is peer on peer abuse included in the safeguarding policy? *
Since July 2015 all schools have been subject to a duty to have “due regard” to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. What is this duty called? *
Which of the following is not one of the four general themes the Prevent duty covers? *
Who should you talk to if you have a concern about a child? *
The Designated Deputy Safeguarding Leads at this school are… *
Who should you go to if you have a concern about the behaviour of another member of staff in relation to child protection? *
What should you do if a child is in immediate safeguarding danger *
How should you record a Safeguarding concern about a child? *
Which of the following school policies does not support safeguarding? *
How often should staff receive training and updates on child protection and safeguarding? *
Which children benefit from the early help process? *
Which one of these is not in the KCSIE Part 1? *
Which of these is an acronym for the 4 main types of abuse? *
Which of the following are safeguarding issues *
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• Bullying, including cyberbullying
• Children and the court system
• Children missing education
• Children missing from home or care
• Children with family members in prison
• Child sexual exploitation
• Domestic abuse
• Drugs
• Fabricated or induced illness
• Faith abuse
• Female genital mutilation
• Gangs and youth violence
• Gender-based violence
• Hate
• Homelessness
• Mental health
• Missing children and adults
• Private fostering
• Preventing radicalisation
• Relationship abuse
• Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children and schools and colleges
• Sexting
• So-called “honour-based” violence
• Trafficking
Who do you contact if you suspect that an act of Female Genital Mutilation appears to have been carried out on a girl under the age of 18?
Which of the following have been identified as poor practice based on Serious Case Reviews?
Why would you contact the Chair of Governors with a Safeguarding concern?
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