MKO's Unemployment Assessment
M.K.O. Employment Law LLC's Secure, Confidential, and Safe Unemployment Assessment Form. A good new client assessment takes a bit of time, so you might want to grab a drink and a snack before starting.

We suggest you backup the longer answers with a word document. Be very careful not to leave this assessment once you start or take a long break to avoid the computer shutting down, going to sleep, or the browser timing out. It may also be helpful to "zoom" the screen to avoid eye strain.

Do not press the back button on your browser or you may lose your work, only use the bottom navigation buttons to go backward and forward. After many questions, there are lines for a response that automatically add more lines as you type.

It is strongly suggested to not do this assessment on your phone or tablet. If you don't have a computer, you may want to ask family members, friends, or go to a library.

The more information we have, the better able we are to represent you. It is understood that MKO will rely on the fact that the information contained herein is truthful, accurate, and complete unless noted otherwise. Keep in mind we will be relying on the information you give to make major decisions about your case, the objectives, and how we intend to represent you.

MKO tries to identify urgent deadlines during early consultations and evaluations and alert you so you have a good understanding and prior notice. However, something may have changed, and if it's potentially urgent please contact MKO immediately at 412.301.2700. MKO is not responsible or liable if you do not give adequate notice about a deadline or fail to disclose an incident .

Please provide copies of important documents to

All of the information you provide will remain confidential as it is covered under the attorney-client privilege.
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