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This form is for the informational and internal use of the Jersey City Arts Council as we refine our strategic plan—it will not be published or used in any public forum. If you agree to be part of the Artists Registry, only your name, approved images and information that you allow will be used.
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The JCAC often gets requests for artists, can we use your information in an Artists Registry? If yes, we will follow up with an image request. *
Beyond your name and images of your work, what information do you want in your Artist Registry profile? Check all that apply.
What category of the arts best describes the work you do? *
If you answered "visual arts," do you plan participate in the Art & Studio Tour in 2018?
If you answered "performing arts" - would you be interested in participating in an annual city-wide performing arts festival (possibly in February)?
If you answered "literary arts" - would you be interested in an annual Literary Arts festival (potentially in June)?
What potential services offered by the JCAC are most valuable to you?
The JCAC is planning to re-grant funds to arts organizations, and to individual artists as well. Please let us know what kind of projects you have might need funding, and a brief description of what they would entail, as well as approximate costs.
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What challenges do you face in your career as an artist, and how can the Arts Council help?
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The JCAC is setting up several committees (examples: Film & TV, Literary Arts, Young Artist, Architecture, Policy, Education etc) - would you be interested in joining one? If so, please tell us what kind of committee you would be interested in and/or what committees you think should be included.
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The Arts Council and its institutional partners occasionally need volunteers - would you be interested in being informed about volunteer opportunities?
Anything else you'd like to share or discuss with the JCAC?
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