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Fill this form out to submit a Grants Application to Instadapp Grants. Grant applications will be reviewed by the Grants Committee and may be require a follow up. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
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Grant Types
For smaller grants (< 3k):  the Growth Committee will review your application and may contact you to finalize any details and disburse the revenue stream directly if the Grant is approved.

For larger grants (3k-10k): A two- step application process is required. Please submit your Grant application to The Growth Committee and also post your Grant proposal in our governance forum and tag it as a proposal.

Above 10k - For Grants larger than 10k, continue to apply and allow the Growth Committee time to review your proposal and the Growth Committee will propose your Grant to the team to be funded through the Ecosystem Funds.
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Description of Grant and Grant Goals
The Grants Committee periodically reviews ongoing productivity of grants and will utilize this section to monitor your progress and keep you accountable through your process.
Please specify and describe what types of goals and targets you have established for your project (i.e what are your attainable, realistic and reach goals?)
You can add additional information such as links or any other information you would like to provide
Review Process Turnaround Time
The Instadapp Grant Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis by our Grants Committee. Expected response time for small grants is one week; expected turnaround time on larger grants is 2-3 weeks.

If you have not heard back from the Grants Committee please contact us as: 
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