Community Managers Gathering @ Portland
Disclaimer! This event does not aim to overlap the actual CLS, but to fill the gap for 2019 as the Community Leadership Summit is taking a year off. This will take at the Portland Convention Center as usual, but only on Sunday.

We welcome proposals in similar topics as in the CLS. This year the event is run by enthusiastic CLS people that miss an OSCON without meeting together the weekend before to discuss about communities.

With this in mind, our selection of topics is based on previous years main topics stated by the very same CLS community that are the following:
* Growing Community Participation
* Metrics and Measuring
* Diversity and Building
* Inclusive Communities
* Balancing Community and Commercial Interests
* Governance and Leadership
* Mentoring
* Communication Tools and Methodologies
* Event Operations and Management
* Content Creation
* Conflict Resolution
* Open Source and Compliance

This year, we intend to have this event running only on Sunday. And with the usual unconference sessions that we have all attended. On Sunday we expect to have keynotes from 9:30 till 12:30 and then from 14:00 till 17:00 the unconference sessions.

In this call we're looking for abstracts to fill the keynote sessions.

Important dates:
* Call for Speakers: 9th, June
* Event Date: 14th, July


* Portland Convention Center (same as usual).

Organizers and Contact Info:

We're usual CLS attendees, and these are some of us (by surname) in case you have questions:

* Joe Dunn - joe dot dunn at marquam dot com
* Daniel Izquierdo - dizquierdo at bitergia dot com
* Ana Jiménez - anajs at bitergia dot com
* Jose Manrique Lopez

Do you want to help or join? Please contact any of us :).
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