Does the church have too many ministries?
The church's multitude of ministries hinders parish involvement says this Catholic.

"I can’t help but wonder if in our zeal to create “ministries” we might have gone a little overboard. We’ve developed a penchant for giving ourselves fancy titles and official-looking name tags. We’ve designated specific people to be in charge of the simplest church tasks. (I’m waiting for Minister of the Hand Sanitizers to be next.)," says writer Patricia Morrison. "And in the process we might have lost sight of the reality that all of us—with titles or on committees or not—are called to be church together, to be Christ for one another."

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1. My parish has too many ministries.
2. My parish does not have enough ministries.
3. I think we should do away with ministries altogether.
4. Ministries are important in maintaining the day-to-day operations of a parish.
5. I am involved in one or more of my church’s ministries.
6. The number of ministries my parish has are:
7. There is not a huge emphasis on ministry involvement at my parish.
8. I do not know what ministries my parish has to offer.
9. I prefer not to be involved in a church ministry.
10. I think ministries are good for building parish community.
11. All parishioners should have to be involved in a ministry.
12. Ministries allow newcomers to get involved in the parish more easily.
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