- 公司甄選電話主要為:2114/2836字頭,請小心「小熊來電」會攔截,以致無法收到甄選電話。🙏

- 請留意上述要求,填妥以下表格報名,暫時無須提供任何證明。

報名表 Application Form
Fluent in English *
*** Must be fluent in English. The interview will be conducted in English
Name in English (Full Name as ID) *
Please provide the English "full name" [need to be the same as the ID card] Since the market research company cannot make a Cold call, if no full name, the company will not call you.
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Contact number *
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Gender *
Marital status *
Age *
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Work industry and position
1) Work is for reference only and no proof is required.
2) Work industry: Do not report to: advertising media / public relations / marketing work, please do not report in related industries such as market research, advertising, media, public relations, real estate development / sales / intermediary!!! Otherwise will not be invited .
Since such workers are in conflict with talking about services and opinions, those who apply for the above industries cannot participate in this visit.
Are you or any family member engaged in the following industries? (no proof) *
Such as Service / Retail / Trading .... etc., please clearly indicate what to sell.
(for reference only and no proof is required)
Occupation *
[Example: Catering Services / Wine Retail / Car Access / Fruit Wholesale / Laundry..etc] If Working as: service / retail / entrance and exit .... etc., please clearly indicate what to sell, because must first identify.
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Job Title *
[Example: Manager, Clerk, Accountant, Student...etc] (no proof is required.)
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Monthly household income *
Family income should include Salary, allowances and other income for yourself and all members of the same family/family, such as stock investment, rent collection, etc.
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Preference of "Tel. interview" date & time *
[E.g. Weekday 11am-8pm / Anytime ...]
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Preference of interview date & time *
1. If the information is appropriate, the company will call to make a selection, please pay attention to and answer the company selection phone (the company's selection phone number is: 2147/ 2836 prefix)
Please be careful that "Cubs call" will be blocked so that you cannot receive a selection call.

2. The selection will ask the relevant questions to ensure that the respondents are eligible for the visit. Please pay attention to the above requirements and the information provided, thank you!

3. In any case (including telephone selection), please do not say that you have done any marketing survey within 3 months. This is a regular question (no special check records).

Requirements (no proof is required)
Consider buying a flat in Melbourne in the next 2-4 years (for Investment only) *
Never owned a property in Australia *
Not an Australian citizen or resident in Australia *
Not consider immigrating to Australia for the next 10 years *
Any form of data collection has been carried out (for example: going to the relevant investment exhibition or seminar / consulting with intermediary or lawyer / visiting the property in person or by family member) *
Remarks / 備註
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