SPACE IN YOUR FACE! Kiddo edition!
This form is to hear your thoughts on Space in Your Face! for kids and to ensure the safety of your child while using video conferencing services and to have your contact info for safe delivery of the connection info.
Are you interested in attending future Space in Your Face! event for kiddos?
Right now we are using Zoom to connect but there are safety concerns with this service. Even though we set our Zoom settings to limit potential threats there are still ways for random strangers to join the Zoom session and display whatever they choose on their camera. Even though this has not happened during our event the concern is still there. There are several ways to ensure safety during future events. Please let us know your preference. *
I would LOVE to stay in touch with you and continue to do live events and get your feedback. We will likely move to an email list to keep you all updated so please drop your email in the space below and let me know how you heard about this event. Thanks! *
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