Idle Reduction Pledge (Business)
In business, every dollar counts. Did you know that there are simple ways to reduce fuel costs with minimal or even no expense?

Reducing the time a vehicle idles is the simplest form of fuel economy; it can be easy to implement and often requires little or no financial investment.

Why Care About Idling?

• Idling is expensive: Idling may consume a gallon of fuel or more per hour, depending on the vehicle.
• Idling pollutes: Each gallon of fuel burned creates about 20 lbs. of greenhouse gases.
• Idling threatens health: Breathing vehicle emissions increases the risk of respiratory illness, especially in children.
1. Excessive idling (more than 10 minutes/day) is prohibited at our facility, including during pickups and deliveries. Initials Below. *
2. Drivers of our vehicles will not idle unnecessarily (more than 10 minutes) on or off site.Initials Below. *
3. All employees are encouraged to limit unnecessary idling in their private vehicles. Initials Below. *
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