Use and Satisfaction with Historical Quantitative Social Science (HQSS) Data Repositories


This is a research study for the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis (CHIA) It is supported by National Science Foundation Award Number BCS-1244282.

CHIA is constructing and populating a repository of world-historical data. This study is investigating data use, creation and curation in the historical quantitative social science (HQSS) fields to discover how scholars in HQSS use datasets in their current work and how datasets and data repositories can enable collaboration and data reuse. You can find more information about the goals of this survey at

If you decide to participate, we will record your responses from the following survey questions regarding your use of digital data repositories, and some questions about your professional background. The survey should take between 10-30 minutes. There are no risks to you for your participation in this study. Data you provide will be kept confidential and your name and institution will not remain attached to the survey once it is submitted. You may refuse to participate or quit at any time after the survey has started. The Office of Research will inform the Institutional Review Board which is a group of people who review the research to protect your rights.

If you have any questions about this survey or would like to contribute data please contact:

Ruth Mostern (Principal Investigator)

Marieka Arksey (Graduate Research Assistant)

For questions about your rights while taking part in this study contact:
The Office of Research, UC Merced
Phone: (209) 383-8655

If you have any complaints or concerns about this study, you may address them to:
Dr. Linda-Anne Rebhun, Chair of the IRB

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